Would you have SEX with Tuesday?

Would you have SEX with Tuesday?

TUESDAY-Would you have sex with Tuesday?

Tuesday is such a nothing kind of day. It has no personality, it just hangs around wanting some attention.

Let us compare it to Monday. Monday is universally despised but it is the day of new beginnings. Monday is the day we start our diet, we go back to the gym. On Monday we will get organised, get healthy or phone a relative.

Wednesday is Hump day, so of course we’ll have sex with Wednesday. Wednesday hints at things to come. Wednesday does not require much work and we know that after Wednesday the week is going to race to the Twins – the weekend!

Thursday is big mates with Friday. Thursday warms things up it hints at naughtiness and wild sex. Yup I would definitely have sex with Thursday.

And then comes The Dom – Friday. The bad boy of the week. The day that makes us want to be someone else. The day we experiment, do something different and ignore our responsibilities. Friday is so wild it is probably going to have a threesome with Saturday.

Saturday picks up where Friday left us reeling. Saturday is a bit bipolar. Sex with Saturday could be steamy and quick. It can be had in between the games on TV or the many chores that need to be completed or it could be slow and sensual first thing. Long afternoon play, with magical orgasms, stretching into the evening before and after dinner.

And Sunday is all about comfort sex. It is for cuddles and kissing. For recovering and getting ready for despised Monday.

But Tuesday? There is just nothing good to be said about Tuesday. Tuesday is the dork with no social skills. It’s awkward – If Tuesday was a person, I would definitely not have sex with Tuesday. On Tuesday I would have to use my latest toy. It’s new and very entertaining. It’s the My Swan Blossom.

With Swan Blossom, I might make Tuesday watch!

The purpose of this comparison is that we all have our routine and misconceptions. A partner knows that if you get into bed with several layers of clothes that sex is unlikely. Unless you have a layer thing! Maybe you lie facing your partner to indicate that the play is on. Or maybe you cook a special meal.

But what if you shake it up a bit? What if you act completely out of character and do something crazy?

Mother’s day is tomorrow and I had one very bemused client call me this week. His usually shy, reserved wife left a picture in his jacket with a note that said ‘Nudge for Mother’s Day!’

The picture was of a sex toy, rabbit style. He was bemused because this was so out of his and her comfort zone. He first checked if this was what he thought it was. I am sure it was an invitation to explore playing with toys. If not we both got it completely wrong.

If we got the message right, this is going to be a mother’s day like no other.

If you are going out for lunch for mother’s day (Sunday is Comfort Sex), why not swop it out for Wednesday sex. Start by wearing killer knickers and taking them off mid meal. Hand them to your partner under or over the table. The children will probably be around so make it a secret. It adds to the excitement of what is to … come.

I know it’s hard to be adventurous when you are not sure how your partner will react, so maybe a heads up will be in order. A whisper to expect some naughtiness during the day.

One of the hardest battles I had to fight for my sexuality was the journey back from mother to lover. A lover has so much more fun. She can be wild and inappropriate. She can be desired and sought after. She can be pleased and pleasured.

A mother well she has responsibilities and a seemingly endless list of chores. She is a bit like Tuesday. And let’s face it – you know what I think of Tuesday.





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