Men & Anal Sex?

anal sexWhy are men so interested in Anal Sex?

Lola Montez recently had a Ladies Night called ‘Inside his Dirty Little Mind’’ and it goes like this:
We invite 5 common garden variety demographically correct men to the event (it’s the only time they are allowed into this sacred ground) – There is only one rule – they have to answer truthfully or they can choose to pass.
The questions are completely anonymous so ANYTHING goes.
The questions are written on note and then stuck on a wall. The guys get to choose 4 questions they wish to answer and I choose the one’s they want to avoid!
I’m never really surprised by what they answer but I am constantly amazed at what is asked.
For the sake of brevity I have placed the questions into similar categories and then counted how many questions in each category. Here are the categories:
  •        Female Ejaculation
  •         Oral Sex
  •          Positions
  •          Stripping
  •          Anal Sex
  •          Vagina Grooming
  •         Breasts
  •         Cheating
  •          Commitment
  •          Weight
  •          Libido
  •          Fantasies
  •          And then a variety of others.
And the winner is … Anal sex!
The big question is:
  •         What gives? Why is this something men want to do?
  •         What’s the obsession?
  •          Does it feel good for a man, is it different to the vagina?
  •          What is it that men like about anal sex?
And then onequestion about male anal sex – Knowing the male’s G-Spot resides in the anus, how willing/ do you want the girl to explore that?
The answers were hysterical – ranging from; Don’t you dare to why haven’t you done it yet!
The answers to the former questions were all similar – We’re curious, everyone is talking about it, it’s done in porn movies and it’s like marking territory.
The next obsession with us girls is – How to give the perfect blow job? To include the testicles or not? Does it feel good, different – necessary? Spit or swallow?
I look forward to the day when men are this concerned with how oral sex makes us feel and get tips on how to do it right!
And then the questions that always come up – waxed or not, what do you think about how we smell?  How to get the second date? And will men date fat women? Big or small boobs? AAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!
Here are some of the questions that really peaked my interest:
      Name the one question relating to sex that you would like to ask your female partner? (Can’t think of anything!)
      What is the best way to say we’re sorry? (It depends on the situation but sometimes the best thing to do is to be quiet)
       Is variety important? (Could you eat Nandos every day for the next 20 years?)
       What’s your favourite sex toy? (They all had one – so maybe they won’t be offended when we introduce a toy into our bedroom play)
Next month (August) the theme is James Bondage – come dressed to kill! To find out more visit our website for more information or call the boutique to book – 011-784 6630
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