What can we do better?

What can we do better?

What can we do better? I have to wonder why the adult industry is so small in South Africa. I was recently told by an International Distributor that Africa is not even a blimp on their radar screen. They further advised that what they sell into the entire Africa in a year, they sell into the German market in a month.

I often think it’s just me and my business but I am assured by everyone that this is not the case.

So how the hell do we fix it? What can we do to increase the size of the South African and African market?

The Lola Montez Brand has always offered more than just the sale of sex toys. We have offered an upmarket service in boutique style stores with service that includes education about sex, relationships and products, from lubricants to rechargeable adult toys.

I spend a large part of the time I cannot sleep trying to figure out how we can stay ahead of the pack, offer better service, products and information. How we can convince our demographic of the benefits of sex toys and openly talking about sex and sexuality.

I’ve been in this business on close to 15 years and I have to wonder if there is anything else I can do to educate and grow the market and then when I think maybe the sex toy business has peaked and that the recession is going to kill us I read about Lovehoney, a UK company, being ranked 51st fasted growing International Company but The Sunday Times UK edition.

They had a TV show which screened on our channels recently and I believe it was contracted for a second season. Who knew that distributing sex toys could be entertaining reality TV. I was hoping it would spill over into our market but alas I haven’t seen it.

If you are a Lola Montez client or if you would like to be how can I make it the BEST shopping experience you have ever had?

Would you come shopping if we were in a mainstream mall?

Do you want comfortable, educational, acceptable or a sexier shopping experience?

And what about product range? Toys, lingerie, porn, magazines, pills, lotions and potions – what do you want more of? I’m listening?

Congratulations Lovehoney! You give me hope that we are just behind the curve and that we will catch up!

Please comment or email me sharon@lolamontez.co.za, it’s only with your help that we can make it better.



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