Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild

Wet and Wild

When it comes to sex, the wetter the better, and with summer approaching, being on holiday, near a beach is almost all I can think about. Long lazy days, catching a tan, swimming and afternoon sex. Oh what I’d give for holiday, afternoon sex!

Ask anyone about fantasy sex and water is almost always close at hand. Think sex in the Jacuzzi sipping cocktails. Making love on a moonlit beach can be the height of romance for some. Personally I think it’s overrated with sand getting in places I’d rather it didn’t.

An underwater striptease game can be silly, playful and very sexy. Dressing up as a pirate and role playing a nautical fantasy could also do it for you.

Wetness is an essential addition to any play, whether you need a little extra help with lubrication or not. A bottle of lubricant should never be very far from hand. Nothing distresses me more than women who come into the store and ask for a product to dry out their vagina. I’ve heard of women using bark or bleach to ‘clean’ their intimates.

The vagina is like a self cleaning oven. It does not need anything to clean itself. It doesn’t require douching, soap rinsing or sprays. It simply needs an external wash with warm water and if you feel you have to use soap ensure that it is the most gentle you can find.

Like water itself sexuality can be fluid. If I use myself as an example, my sexuality has changed several times. What I liked then, doesn’t work for me now and that’s okay. Sometimes I’m ice and then baby I steam!

So let’s consider the possibilities of aquatic play and why so many of us find it so arousing. Water or liquid is at the heart of most sexual encounters. When you’ve had a hot, passionate session you should be left with a glow. I don’t think there is anything sexier, and the salty taste that accompanies the work out!

When it comes to sex, water is associated with many fantasies, think pirate or mermaid and what about the ultimate test of man – the siren who in Greek Mythology lured sailors to their destruction. Sea views are sexy. Showers can turn into steamy sexual encounters. Try keeping his eyes off a wet T-Shirt and a simple glass of water sipped and shared holds appeal.

Getting wet is one of the simplest ways to heat up your sex life.

In the early days of my exploration I had a water massage. Picture a warm swimming pool, you can be naked or not. The massage therapists usually work in pairs so you receive a massage floating in water with hands touching you on both sides of your body at the same time. The massage ends with you being held like you would a small child. I found the whole experience liberating and comforting. Had my partner been present it would have been very, very sensual.

Our bodies produce all sorts of fluids while we’re having sex. From sweat to saliva and a whole lot in between so its not unusual that we find wetness and water arousing.

I was brought to this stark realization recently by an anonymous caller. He sounds polite enough with his fake American accent. The question he leads with is ‘Do you sell masturbation gels?’ The first time i was very polite and answered all his questions and then I realized that he was either using my voice as part of his fantasy or it was a prank.  And then he called again and again! I wasn’t so pleasant the third time round, so when he asked me what the lubricant looked like, I just had to say spit! I now recognize his number and greet him by a nickname I have given him.

My point is saliva. We share it, use it and it makes a frequent guest appearance in movies. Not my favourite form of lubricant which is why we sell so many varieties. You will find one for every occasion. Water based is best for toys, silicone is best for water and anal play and oil based is kryptonite for latex.

There are several games you can play in the shower, bath, Jacuzzi or pool. In the pool, blindfold your partner and play a sexy come hither game of Marco Polo. Ice in the Jacuzzi plays with temperature and writing sexy fantasies on your partner’s back in the bath can lead some marvellous adventures.

There is a jelly bath product on the market which you can either use in your bath or a kiddy pool – ever had a jelly wrestling fantasy. Or how about rubbing each other with baby oil and wrestling on rubber sheets or towels. The loser has to pay a penalty.

And if you want to get really messy try some body chocolate using your partner as a canvas – then lick away the evidence. You may have to get rid of the stickiness with a sponge bath or steamy shower.

Keeping your sex life steamy and healthy doesn’t just happen. It requires work, imagination and planning. The same goes for water play. You need to plan it, so stock up this weekend and get ready for making a splash.

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