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G Spot Toys

G Spot Toys

Sharon Gordon aka @SaSexpert talks about G Spot Toys. What they’re made of, what they look like and how to use G Spot Toys.

CLICK HERE to watch the Video on YouTube

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about those parts of your body that no one wants to talk about!

Did you know that most women will only look at their genitals after the birth of their first child? Can you imagine not understanding or looking at your body parts. The very same body parts that will give you some of the best times of your life!

And while we’re at it please PLEASE call body parts by their name – Clitoris, Vulva, Vagina, Penis, Testicles, Labia, Perineum, Anus etc. The minute you call it a flower or a winky you start the shame cycle. After all you DON’T call your fingers your feely weelies, or the nose your smelly welly!



Check out the Lelo Ina Wave Training video on YouTube

The Dual Motion Ina Wave has a unique come hither motion,  it has 8 pleasure settings and the 100% waterproof body make this vibrator ideal for water play.