anal sex toys

Bits and Buts

Bits and Butts your guide to Anal Sex Toys.

In this YouTube Video Sharon Gordon aka @SaSexpert talks all about the variety of Anal Sex Toys.

Anal Sex Toys included in the Video are Butt Plugs, Anal Vibrators, Anal Beads and Prostate Massagers.

CLICK HERE   to watch the video on anal sex toys.

The anus, richly endowed with nerve endings and interconnected with the main pelvic muscles, is the closest erogenous neighbour of the genitals and contracts rhythmically during orgasm.

Thirty-five years ago, Kinsey stated that the anal region had erotic significance for about half of the population. In a survey of 100,000 Playboy readers, 47 percent of the men and 61 percent of the women admitted to having tried anal intercourse.

Yet the anal taboo inhibits most people from thinking, talking and learning about the sexual use of the anus. Listed here are the ten things most men and women still do not know about anal sex.


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