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Upcoming Courses

At Lola Montez we are dedicated to make sex better and one way to do this is to educate though a variety of courses! Some courses take the form of WORKSHOPS, LECTURES, PARTIES and more recently WEBINARS!

With the WEBINAR you can learn intimate sex techniques in the privacy of your own home. It’s anonymous and as interactive as you want. Join our mailing list to receive notification of when the webinars are scheduled.

Sex is an important part of the human condition. We all have it – even your parents – other you wouldn’t be reading this. So you may as well learn to do it right.

Lola Montez presents courses, presented by a variety of sexperts including their own @SaSexpert Sharon Gordon.

Some courses are free to download and some you may have to pay for. We would love it if you would comment, let us know what you’re battling with or what you’d like to know all about.

You can do so by either emailing us at info@lolamontez.co.za or chatting on the  ask a question tab. if we’re not online, we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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