We got tired of the same old, so we’ve changed it!

We now offer the most EXCLUSIVE undercover party in town.

Lola Montez has always been known for its premier service and whilst many have entered into the undercover party market over the years, not many have the quality of product and service available from Lola Montez.

Instead of offering you a generic one size fits all party, you get to choose your very own Bespoke Party. We are often asked why our parties are expensive and the answer remains the same. We offer a unique experience with only the best adult toys. Our consultants are professional and you will never be let down.

Your orders will be delivered because the party is backed by Lola Montez, who has now been in business for the past 20 years! 

Undercover Parties

How it works:

  • You get to choose your very own theme and entertainment.
  • It costs R1500.00, paid upfront to reserve your spot. Our consultant will come to you or a venue of your choice. She will bring her bag of tricks to show you all the latest in the world of adult toys.
  • Each Party includes the invitations and toy demonstration. There is a sales target if you want your party for FREE. If your guests purchase product for over R4500 the party fee will be refunded – or the hostess can choose a gift worth R1500. The emphasis is on ENTERTAINMENT and EDUCATION.
  • We only accept 3 Bookings per Month, so you can be assured of the very best in entertainment and education.
  • Bachelorette Parties, when we are purely the entertainment cost R3000 paid upfront to reserve your spot. There is a sales target if you want your party for FREE. If your guests purchase product for over R4500 the party fee will be refunded – or the hostess can choose a gift worth R 3000. The emphasis is on ENTERTAINMENT, GAMES and EDUCATION.

Some ideas we’ve shared:

Leather and Lace –

The art of sensual play

Bride’s Guide to Honeymoon Heaven

Lessons from 50 Shades

Bringing YOUR sexy back

Say Aah – A beginner’s guide to Oral Sex

Sensual Dance and the Art of Seduction

To book your party today – email us on info@lolamontez.co.za or call 0861 LOLAMO (565266)

Our undercover parties are renowned. Sometimes they are called passion parties, or sex toy parties, some have even called them Tupperware with batteries!

The process is as follows – you book the party at a venue of your choice and pay the fee. Once payment has been received your party is confirmed and our consultant will contact you to ensure that all your requirements are catered to.

Our consultant will arrive and set up shop. She will educate and entertain you for approximately 2 hours. This includes sales from the pop up shop she will set up. You can choose to place orders privately in a separate room or purchase immediately (by far the more popular option). Credit Card Payment option is available.

If an order is placed with the consultant – she will ensure delivery to the host within 3 working days of the party. Lola Montez backs the consultant so if you have any problems with the product or delivery we will sort it out.

This undercover party is the most fun you’ll have all year. You may love it so much that you too want to be trained as a consultant. ASK US HOW send an email to info@lolamontez.co.za

All presentations are accompanied with a sex toy presentation and a pop up shop. 

Undercover Parties

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