U Shaped Adult Toys

U Shaped Adult Toys

U Shaped Adult Toys – Perfect for couples

Originally U shaped adult toys were usually dildos that do not vibrate. They were designed to stimulate the vagina and anus at the same time for maximum double penetration. Try the double mini dong.

But recently with the development of new technologies U-Shaped toys have all become the rage for couple toys. They are made small enough to insert into the vagina and leave space for the penis to penetrate as well. So the sex toy is stimulating the clitoris, G-Spot and penis all at the same time.

They have got so sophisticated that they are operated by remote control – see We Vibe and Lelo Tiani. For a simpler version check out – Rock Chick Mini or Rock Chick.

If you’re using it for dual penetration (vagina and anus) remember anything inserted into the anus must have a large handle or a flared base. It must be well lubricated. Silicone lubes work best for anal penetration. See our article on Lubricants and Anal sex for more information.

It is essential that anything inserted into the anus does not go into the vagina. If you are going to be using the toy for both vaginal and anal penetration ensure that you use a condom to protect yourself from infection.

Always thoroughly clean and dry toys after use.  See our article on lubricants and taking care of your toys. Give special attention to the cords.

Try Eva toy cleaner to ensure that all bacteria has been dealt with.


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