Toys for all types of stimulation

Toys for all types of stimulation

ToysToys for all types of stimulation

There was great interest in the article earlier this month about May being Masturbation Month. The question I have been asked the most is ‘How do I choose my first toy?’

So here it is.

Before deciding to buy a toy you need to do a bit of self reflection and then follow the guidelines.

Why do you want to buy a toy? Is it going to be a – my, your or our decision? Are you going to use it solo or with your partner? So choose wisely!

You don’t want to get home with a huge horse like contraption and scare the neighbours. You want to start politely, so everyone involved feels comfortable and enjoys the experience.

Once you know the game you can choose the toys.

Women need to decide if they are excited by clitoral, G-Spot or dual stimulation.

If you prefer clitoral stimulation you prefer external stimulation. That accounts for about 80% of us. All you will need is a pebble shaped toy. They come in a variety of shapes, speeds and materials. ABS Plastic to brushed silicone, one speed or multi speed and multi function. The shapes vary from bullet size to a snug fitting ergonomically designed pebble. Look at Fun Factory Layaspot, Je Joue Mimi or We vibe Wish.

Wands, also known as back massagers work very well indeed. They are a bit clumsy and big and better for solo play. Look at Lelo Smartwand or Palm Power.

Now if you are a G-Spot girl you have a far bigger range of toys to choose from. You are looking for a toy you can penetrate with. It doesn’t have to look like a penis but you really can’t fault the design.

Anything with a curved tip is for G-Spot heaven. When purchasing this toy size in both girth and length is an important consideration.  They range from finger girth to OMG! Heads up guys, bigger is not always better.

Materials like Cyberskin look and feel real and if you are hyper allergenic consider purchasing silicone or glass toys. Check out Hip G, Adventure Cuddle, Natural clone or Swan Tundra.

If you prefer a bit of both then rabbit style toys are for you. They provide dual stimulation. Some versions just vibrate, some swirl and others thrust. Some of those toys are very noisy so when purchasing yours take that into consideration. The more expensive the quieter they get.

For men, toys do not seem as exciting as those for women but they are. Fleshlight is developing technology that will blow your mind, in best ways possible. For men your choices are penis sleeves, penis rings and prostate massagers.

Penis sleeves manufactured from Cyberskin feel amazing and can be used solo or as part of fantasy play. It is a safe way to explore threesomes without another actual person in the room. Take a look at Tenga, Fleshlight and Fun Factory Cobra.

Penis rings can vibrate or not. They were designed to maintain an erection for longer but with vibration they become va va voom. Research the Screaming O range or We Vibe Verge.

Prostate massagers are an article all on their own. Go to my blog for a complete guide.

Couple toys have come a very long way in the last couple of years. Once again technology has taken them to a whole new level. Many operate with remote controls making date night sexy. Remote Control Eggs and Hula Beads are fun.

Club Vibe vibrates in time to the bass of music when you are in a club.

And if you are in a long distance relationship consider toys that are app enabled. What this means is that your partner can command it what to do via an app on your phones. It’s one way to keep the romance alive. The We Vibe range leads in this technology. They also manufactured the first real toy couples can use during penetrative sex that stimulates them both. Two new versions hit the market this year, We Vibe Unite and Sync.

There is a toy for every budget from cheap and cheerful to luxury. I recommend that you start with something cheaper to see if you like it and when you do, invest in the best. Toys are not just a retail purchase they will add zing to you sex life and your relationship. It is an experience.

You can watch my YouTube channel for more toy explanations. You can follow the link from the blog or you can email me

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