Top 10 Sex Tips to get you in the Mood!

Top 10 Sex Tips to get you in the Mood!

top 10 sex tipsTop 10 Sex Tips to get you in the mood!

It was exciting to meet so many of you at Sexpo this past weekend. We all had fun and if you missed it – maybe next time.

I gave about 5 talks a day in the workshop area and one of the favourite topics was – Top 10 Sex Tips to get you in the mood.  from @SaSexpert. These ten tips have been compiled from the 15 years experience I have in this industry. I believe they are guaranteed to work because they deal with the fundamentals underlying sexual pleasure.

My most important tip to great sexual pleasure is to know your body.  If you don’t, it will NEVER get better. You have to know where your sweet spots are, what pressure you like and where you like it.

If you have never had an orgasm (and there are so many of you) you have to start exploring your own body and train yourself to experience pleasure.

It is a journey but one you should begin sooner rather than later.

TOP 10 SEX TIPS – to get you in the mood!

Communicate. Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you to communicate? It sounds easy but where do you start? You start with the small stuff. Give your genitals their proper names: Penis, Vagina, Clitoris, Anus, Testicles and Breasts. If you get the language right and you can say the words without blushing you can take the next step and ask for what you want or tell your partner what makes your toes curl, in a good or bad way. My advice is never to communicate on the short strokes, it’s rude. Wait until you are having a quiet dinner and then don’t make it sound like a criticism.

Fix what’s wrong. If your suffer from vaginal dryness, buy a lube. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature dysfunction see the doctor. A real doctor not some bogus clinic. All these problems are treatable. It will make the world of difference to your sex life.

Buy Lube. I get very irritated with people who say they don’t need lube. You do! There are just so many uses for it. It will give you pleasure in so many places and there are so many on the market. My personal preference is the Pjur range (available from It never goes sticky. The Original Bodyglide doesn’t dry out either. If you’re looking for something more reasonable try the Skynn Range.

Timing is everything! If he is stressed about the Bulls loosing yet again, or if she still has to make the sandwiches for school, or the children are knocking at the door you are not going to get your groove on. I know date night has been flogged to death but make sex a priority as often as you can.

Great sex requires preparation. You need the lube, timing and play prepared. I know the movies makes it look easy but the reality is it also took 10 takes. For examples of play you can read my suggestions on my blog.

Foreplay starts hours if not days before. If you are nasty at breakfast do not expect orgasm in the evening.

Play with toys! I am still astounded at the level of ignorance and fear that surrounds playing with toys. Really? Hundreds of people muscled up the courage to attend Sexpo, looked around, didn’t ask questions, didn’t touch the toys and then bought perfume! I am gobsmacked. Why bother? I would prefer we call them relationship toys. They are just that, toys, meant to enhance the sexual experience. They are not meant to be the end game, replace a penis or vagina. They are meant for play, just like your dolls and cars before you grew up and became conservative.

Download and complete the body map. It is the outline of a body, both back and front. Print four copies. Two for you and two for your partner. Now complete them by marking in order of preference where you like to be touched. You may find that she absolutely detests having her left nipple flicked as part of foreplay. Compare your notes (not on the short strokes!) and discuss the outcome. You will be surprised at how wonderful your sex life can be by just talking about preferences in a non threatening way.

Lastly – Laugh. Sex when all is said and done is really funny. It’s messy and noisy and you should be able to laugh when it all goes horribly wrong. You are just not allowed to laugh and point!

Let me know what your top tip is, email me


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