Swallow the right stuff

Swallow the right stuff

Swallow the right stuff and see how it changes your life.

I’ve been thinking about what I put in my mouth quite a lot recently , get your mind out of the gutter – I’m talking about food and more particularly about the types of food we should be eating to boost libido. It’s not the kind of thing you are going to learn in home economics so I had to do some research. And guess what I found? 

The foods that are alleged to boost your libido are also excellent for your general health and well being, which should not really come as any surprise.

We all know that being healthy both physically and mentally are all essential for an excellent sex life. If you are stressed, suffering from hypertension, depression, diabetes or any cardio vascular problems chances are your sexy parts aren’t working as well as they should. Add a pinch of out of kilter hormones and your libido is lost on a dune somewhere in the Sahara Desert.

I use the Sahara in the driest sense of the word. When you lose your libido it feels as if your entire sex life dries up with it. Some of us learn to live with it and just don’t bother to fix it, which in turn leads to all sorts of other relationship problems. Some of us go in search of a solution. We will try anything to make it better. We start with lotions, potions and pills. We look for the quick fix because living a healthy lifestyle requires discipline and let’s face it, is quite expensive.

If you’re like me life is a constant battle between managing my weight, cholesterol, sweet tooth and libido. Too many eggs and you may have high cholesterol but at least you’ll be thin and they’re great food for your libido. So what to do?

Do libido super foods really work? The chemistry says they should but I wonder with all the preservatives, pesticides and refrigeration around whether fresh food maintains its integrity.

Eating super foods has also got to be eaten with intention. Gobbling down strawberries or blackberries while you’re on the run versus eating them slowly, crushing them against your pallet, feeling the juice run down your chin and getting your lover to lick it off … you get the drift!

Let’s talk about Broccoli, full of vitamin C which aids blood circulation to all your organs including your genital. Make it a staple vegetable with your meal.

The flip side is that Broccoli makes body fluids taste bitter. So whilst it may be great for your libido you may want to avoid it if you’re planning to have oral sex!

In many convents around the world until fairly recently, certain herbs and spices were blacklisted. It now seems as if the Sisters may have known a thing or two about the link between food and libido.

Ginger, ginseng, saffron, cloves and garlic to name a few. Add a little cumin and cinnamon and you’ve got a handful of tasty sexy and sensual aphrodisiacs.

The simple Iceberg Lettuce contains an opiate that helps activate sex hormones, it’s also slimming.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one bowl of lettuce with a splash of ginger is going to make you a sex god or goddess. You have to eat properly as a part of your constant lifestyle.

Now let’s assume that you do follow this eating protocol as a life style, you will lose weight, your health will improve and with this your self esteem will be boosted and what happens as a side effect is that we start to like ourselves a little more.

If we like ourselves a little more sex starts to feel a bit better, orgasms become easier and Voila, the libido booster super foods have worked.

I know that I sound cynical but I’m not it’s just that I believe in moderation. Eat well, sleep eight hours a day, drink two litres of water a day and exercise 4 times a week and your life is bound to improve. It’s just that all of that requires so much discipline and that my beloved readers what is missing from most our lives.

Remember that you have to make a start somewhere so pop out and purchase a basket full of fresh fruit and veggies, filled with vital amino acids and vitamins and swallow the right stuff.

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