Sensual Play Preparation

Sensual Play Preparation

Sensual Play Preparation

Sex should be spontaneous, like in the movies? Right?

Wrong – very, very wrong! I now know that the best sexual encounters require a bit more work.

Preparation is key!

Before you do anything, you and your partner have to have a chat about likes and dislikes, fantasies and desires. Discuss what you would like out of a potential play date. If you are looking at each other blankly with no ideas I suggest downloading the Bondage Contract as a starting point.

If you are still at a loss follow the instructions and enjoy.


  • Room Temperature

Too hot or too cold is equally uncomfortable. About 24⁰C is perfect. Your partner may have a preference so take that into consideration.

  • Surface

Are you using the bed, floor, table or chair? Make sure they are clean or covered. Change your bed sheets and keep small and large towel handy especially if you are planning to be messy.

  • Accessories

What are you planning to do? Make sure that you have everything ready and within reach. There is nothing sexy about having a to pop out of the room or take a break from the play to fetch something you forgot.

If you are using toys visit your friendly Lola Montez store to purchase what you need, we are always willing to help.

  • Children

Nothing puts a dampener on your sex life like children. Chances are they will walk in on you at the most inappropriate time. Nobody is going to relax while they’re in the house so ship them out. If Grand Parents aren’t an option, start a date night support group.

  • Ideas

Sensual Play engages the senses: Touch, Smell, Taste, Sight and Sound. You don’t want sensory overload, so pick one or two senses and work with those.

Remember that if you are deprived of one sense, the others are heightened.

Blindfolds are the easiest to start with. You can use a scarf, tie or a Lola Montez Bondage Restraints

Because you can’t see what is happening next the skin becomes more sensitive.

Sound is another wonderful way to add an extra dimension to your play. Imagine being blindfolded and listening to a specially put together playlist, streaming through earphones. So now you cannot see what is happening next, nor can you hear.

See my Sexy Playlist Suggestions.

Now it’s time to plan the play.

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