Sensual Play 1

Sensual Play 1

Sensual Play 1

Read the article on Play Preparation.

You will need:

  • Blindfold – (optional) fluffer
  • Fluffers – (Faux Fur Mitts)
  • Your breath
  • Massage Bed – (optional). You can do this exercise on the bed or floor, just ensure it’s comfortable.
  • Playlist – (optional)


  • This exercise should take at least 27 minutes, the same time it usually takes to fully arouse a woman.

Having completed the Preparation undress your partner slowly, adding appropriate kisses. Invite your partner to lie face down on the prepared area.


  • Apply the blindfold and put on the playlist. Check that your partner is comfortable and warm enough. Cover them with a towel if necessary.
  • Put on the Fluffers. You can use makeshift mittens if you don’t have Fluffers. Anything soft and sensual will work, but faux fur fluffers are the bomb!
  • For 7 to 10 minutes with long slow strokes run your hands from the top of the head to the toes. Move in one direction only. Don’t forget to touch the sides, arms, hands and neck.
  • Touch gently. Touch every inch- just don’t touch the genitals.
  • Use your breath as an additional sensation tool. Follow the stroke with a slow out breath.
  • Once your partner is completely relaxed, whisper close to their ear – ‘Turn Over’.
  • Repeat the same motions on the front side of your partner’s body.
  • Avoid the primary erogenous zones: Breasts, nipples and genitals. You can skirt over them but do not concentrate on them. I know it’s tough – but try!
  • Follow some of the slow strokes with an out breath.
  • Breath work on the nipples and genitals near the end of the play is extremely sensual and arousing.
  • If you lick the area first and then exhale or inhale breath, the sensation is heightened even more.
  • You can end the play here or proceed to more intimate genital touch.

I have no doubt that by the end of this you will both be looking forward to a happy ending!

For more ideas on Sensual Play keep coming back.

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