Safe Oral Sex

Safe Oral Sex

Safe Oral Sex with Dental Dams

Dental Dam Guidelines.

What are these little squares of latex and what am I going to do with them?

Please realize that dental dams were not originally designed for what you have in mind. Dentists use them to isolate a tooth during dental procedures.

However, an extremely sensual individual (a creative dental hygienist, perhaps?), thought of using dams for cunnilingus (mouth/tongue contact with female genitals) and rimming (mouth/tongue contact with the anus), and so, a new method of playful, safe oral sex was born. A cut-open condom, glad wrap or latex glove works just as well for this type of play.

How do I use them?

The dam should be held against a woman’s clitoris and vaginal opening while her lover licks, kisses and sucks the covered area. Hold the dam in place during these activities. The dam is used in the same way for oral-anal play. This may sound easier than it actually is, since it’s sometimes difficult to hold the dam firmly in place once the juices start flowing. Add Lubricant to help increase sensation.

What if the dam slips off?

Because dams tend to become slippery and slide around, we recommend that you have several darns nearby and ready for use. Mark the dams on one side with a pen, so that if the dam gets lost during passionate foreplay, when you find it you will know which side is for which. Better yet, use a fresh dam and avoid the possibility of exchanging body fluids.

We strongly advise that you throw the dam away after one use. If you find dams too small, use long sheets of kitchen plastic wrap. No studies have yet shown the effectiveness of plastic wrap as a barrier to viruses and bacteria, but many health educators believe it is effective—it’s at least much safer than going without!

Now the real challenge—how can I get my partner to use the dams? I’m not so sure about them myself.

Practice alone first.

Put the whole dam in your mouth. Lick it. How does it taste? Better you should make that funny face now than when your face is between your lover’s legs. If the dam’s flavour bothers you, wash it with a mild soap and rinse it thoroughly.

Touch yourself with the dam—brush it against your face, tickle and rub your genitals with it, snap it against your skin. We encourage you to play with the dams until you are surprised by how much you are enjoying them.

How can I start talking with my partner about using dams?

Dams are a great tool for starting a conversation about safer sex. Having them handy and being able to talk about using them shows a concern for yourself and others.

When you feel the time is right—we suggest a non-sexual setting, for instance during dinner—tell your lover or potential lover about the fun you’ve been having with dental dams. Or tell this person how ridiculous you feel about sexually playing around alone with a little piece of latex.

Have a dam handy so you can show the person what you’re talking about. Spark curiosity—offer to share your toy and be the safer sex coach. Ask this person’s feelings about safer sex and listen to the response.

If you are truly committed to having only safer sex with someone, is this person the someone? Is this person even willing?

Once the conversation gets started, you may find out that this person has the same desires you do!

Explore and have fun.

This article was not originally written by me – so if you recognize it, please let me know so I can credit you.

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