The real F-Word is Fear!

The real F-Word is Fear!

The real F-Word is Fear and Sexual Fear can ruin your life.

As women we particularly fear social disapproval. We are told that if we enjoy sex we are sluts or whores! And now if we enjoy sex with our chosen partner, what does that say about us? What will he think? So best you tell her that you do not think any less of her because she chooses to experience pleasure.

Many have emotional issues, have had traumatic sexual experiences, we fear intimacy, fear pain, fear betrayal, fear being alone, not being able to orgasm and fear letting go. Sometimes I think the real F-Word is FEAR.

Next week I’ll talk about how to go about overcoming these fears in ways that will make our relationships far more intimate and sexually satisfying.

What have you been thinking about because you are so wet doesn’t. We feel guilty enough about sex without you making us feel worse about a bodily function.

Do not ask your partner to change the channel or pass your phone, or say ‘Oh that reminds me, I must…’

Dirty talk never includes any talk about babies or baby talk unless he has that adult baby fetish.

At the beginning of the year I spoke about the idea of a contract similar to the one used by the BDSM community. I still think it is a good idea. You can set and negotiate boundaries without fear of offending or crossing a line you can never return from. If you’d like a copy of the contract you can download it as a free PDF off the website.

This week may your sheets be tumbled, the sex wild and your talk dirty. For more information, questions or suggestions please email me .

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