Rabbit Vibrators – The World’s Most Beloved!

Rabbit Vibrators
 We call them rabbit vibrators but they come in an array of different designs including dolphins, beavers, birds, butterflies etc. They may vary in materials, colour or vibration speed  but they all do the same thing – give immense pleasure.
Rabbit vibrators are used for both penetration and clitoral stimulation all at the same time.
The shaft, the bit that one uses for penetration can move up and down (see Thrusting Rabbit) or move around in a swirling motion (see Jumping Rabbit, the cousin of Roger Rabbit). 
One can bend the shaft for a more exaggerated swirl. Some even have beads in the shaft that rotate giving an additional sensation. The swirl and the beads are great for G-Spot stimulation. 
While all this is going on inside the rabbit is vibrating and stimulating the clitoral area.
These are still the world’s best selling vibes.  
The Rabbit Vibrator was originally made famous by Charlotte from Sex and the City fame.
We all owe her some gratitude for making owning one of these babies okay! Even Oprah has started talking about sex toys! The rabbit was featured as one of her favourite things in the June 2006 issue. That’s how long these have been popular!
This vibrator is usually battery operated. But recently more sophisticated models have entered the market. Try the Lelo Soreya, Lealso Massager or Je Joue Fifi. These models are manufactured out of silicone and are rechargeable. Read my previous blog on the differences between battery operated and rechargeable. 
Rabbits are guaranteed orgasm donors. Many women own a rabbit for their personal pleasure but many men love to watch you use them. So don’t be shy!
Watch Sharon aka SaSexpert, talk about Rabbit Vibrators on her YouTube Channel.

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