Put a Condom on with your mouth!

Put a Condom on with your mouth!

Erotically protected and put a condom on with your mouth.

We all know that moment – who has the condom and are we going to get embarrassed? Is he going to loose his erection and then I’ll feel rejected! Mmm, rejection or death – a hell of a choice!

We have found a wonderfully erotic way to get over the condom fumble with such panache that it can even become your party trick.

Always carry your own condoms – we have a funky range of condom boxes that fit into your handbag and are as discreet as you want them to be. If you carry your own condoms there will never be the temptation to have unprotected sex because there isn’t a condom in sight (try to find a condom in a hotel at 3 in the morning!) and you will always have your flavour of choice.

Open the condom packet seductively – This part is a matter of confidence – either tear it with your teeth or hands – It really depends on the level of urgency. If you’re tearing it in a hurry be careful not to nick the condom because then it’s over!

A condom can only roll down one way – check the direction because there is nothing sexy about getting the direction wrong – It shouts – AMATEUR. Roll it down once or twice just to check.

Now pop the tip of the condom in your mouth ensuring the correct direction.

Suck it into your mouth like you would a dummy – old habits die hard. Now look straight into his eyes with the most lust you can imagine (think Jimmy Choo Shoes), tighten your lips and place the condom over the tip of his penis letting your lips roll it down as far as you can.

When you run out of mouth use your hand to finish the job and voila!

He is still hard, thinks you are a sex goddess and you’re protected.

Why not sign up for our Oral Sex Master Class and become a well rounded sex goddess?

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