Swan Power Bullet

Swan Power Bullet



Product Description


The Swan Power Bullet is an Essential item for your collection, this rechargeable bullet has a Power bullet motor with deep, powerful vibrations.

Each package includes a convenient matte storage case and USB recharging cord.

With 9 different functions, and a long lasting battery the Essential bullet is a necessity!

PowerBullet® is famous for its magnificent power. It focuses on providing the fiercest energy and is becoming the major source of motor technology for all vibrating products.

Any product with the ” Powered by PowerBullet® ” logo on the packaging shows that it incorporates PowerBullet® technology. This means that these products have been expertly engineered to produce the most vivacious vibrations and be the best functioning products available.

The exhilarating power of PowerBullet® is infused within all Swan products to provide you with high quality vibrations that will last for hours. Exclusively engineered by BMS Factory, PowerBullet® makes Swan an impeccable product with the latest motor technology and the safest materials in the world.

Swan is proud to represent the “Powered by PowerBullet® ” brand that is globally recognized for its amazing power. PowerBullet® is a trademark of BMS Factory and is registered globally.

Bullet vibrators are the ultimate fun. They are small enough to carry around in your handbag for some spur of the moment fun. It is a great couple toy. Small enough to keep in your hand while playing with your partner and then don’t forget to use on the penis, testicles and perineum.

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