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Product Description

SMART WAND- M_product-1_plum_2x_0SMART WAND™ Medium

Medium Size, Maximum Power. For couples who demand the most intense and luxurious pleasure without the bulk of a larger wand, the Smart Wand™ Medium is essential.

SMART WAND™ Medium.  No other cordless massager even comes close to the world-famous LELO Smart Wand™ Medium for life-changing, eye-crossing pleasure.

Groundbreaking Technology for Earth-Shattering Pleasure. The vibrations build on contact with your body and the intensity increases naturally.

High-Powered yet Quiet for Indulgence Without Disruption. Relax and unwind with ultra-quiet vibrating massage strokes.  Relax and unwind with whisper-quiet vibrations.

The rechargeable Smart Wand™ does away with cables – you get all the power of mains charging with more maneuverability.

  • Fully Rechargeable
  • More power, less fuss
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Perfect for the bath or shower
  • Full Warranty Coverage
  • 1-year coverage
  • Certified Body-Safe

The highest standard of safety and construction

  •     Smart Wand™ Personal Massager
  •     Charger (Set to shipping address)
  •     Satin Storage Pouch
  •     Warranty Registration Card
  •     Detailed Instruction Manual


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