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Silver Benwa Balls



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Silver Benwa Balls

50 Shades Kegel exercise balls or Silver Benwa Balls will awaken your inner Ana with their arousing massaging sensations!

These luxurious Benwa balls promise to tone and tighten your PC muscles with their wonderfully smooth and weighted caress. They’re heavy so definitely not for beginners. Beginners should rather try Exquisite Benwa Balls and then move up to these Silver Benwa Balls.

Enjoy an intense pleasure session with toys inspired by the bestselling erotic novels! The Silver Benwa Balls aren’t your average Ben Wa Balls. This 8 .5″ string of love balls features a string that connects two solid metal balls weighted to really work your inner muscles with just over 8 oz of weight! Squeeze your inner muscles around these love balls to improve your kegel control and strength, and enjoy intense sensations. Includes retrieval ring for easy removal.

These Benwa Balls

  • 8.5″ total length, each ball measures 1″ in diameter
  • Balls made from solid metal with silver colored finish
  • Cord with attached metal retrieval ring
  • Inserts smoothly for maximum pleasure
  • 8.15oz total weight
  • Easy removal via ring
  • Great for kegel exercises and foreplay
  • For intermediate and advanced love balls

You’re flush from the constant movement of the silver balls. They weigh down inside me, massaging me internally and make me needy, needy for sex…Anastasia Steele, Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy

Celebrate your inner goddess with these weighted metal love balls! Inspired by the smash hit erotic novels, the Silver Benwa Balls are designed for seriously kinky pleasure. If you love playing with Ben Wa Balls and want more of a challenge, you want a sex toy built for serious kegel training, or you want to live your kinkiest Fifty Shades Of Grey fantasies, these love balls may be just the pleasure objects you’re looking for.

To use the 50 Shades Of Grey Inner Goddess Silver Pleasure Balls, add a few drops of your favorite lubricant, lie back, and gently introduce these love balls into your body. Both love balls are wide and will make you feel satisfyingly full. Then use your inner muscles to squeeze these love balls until you‚ You’re giddy with arousal.

Do note that these Silver Pleasure Balls are heavier than similar styles of Ben Wa Balls. With just over 8oz of weight (half a pound!) they can be a challenge to wear when walking around. You may enjoy greater results by starting in a reclined position. Remove your love balls by gently tugging on the retrieval ring.

Clean your Silver Pleasure Balls with mild soap and water or sex toy cleaner – Try Eva.


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