shunga massage oil

Shunga Massage Oil


Exotic Massage oil for increased intimacy


Product Description


Help your partner’s erogenous zones reach their peak in no time with the Intimate Kisses Shunga Massage Oil. A high quality erotic massage oil, it uses all natural ingredients so as not to dilute the concentration of its magical aphrodisiac properties.

A variety of delectable aromas make Shunga massage oils an incredible romantic gift

Massage Oil Intimate Kisses -The quality of this massage oil is amazing! With no greasy residue, you will throughly enjoy your sensual massage. You’ll be gently wooed by the stimulating all-natural cold-pressed oils and lovely aphrodisiac fragrances. You and your partner will both appreciate the great seductive properties of this massage oil. Rub it all over each other’s erogenous zones and sink into silky sensual arousal. Choose your lover’s favourite scent for the quintessential romantic gift.


  • Natural Erotic Massage Oil
  • Aphrodisiac Properties
  • Wide Variety Of Scents & Sensations From Warming to Cooling


  • Flavour / Scent  None
  • Liquid Size   100ml
  • Type   With Sensation

At Lola Montez we believe that adult toys and massage oils are an essential part of adult play. Very often massage is a way to increase intimacy and the start of a whole new adventure. Always agree the rules before you start. Often couples do not relax during the massage because they are not sure of the end game.

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