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Sexpert Board Game



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 Sexpert Board Game

The sexpert board game contains more than two hundred question cards (some illustrated), one game board, six pawns, and six answer chips. SEXPERT will not only expand the players knowledge and insight, but also their freedom to discuss sexuality. Fun, facts, and excitement guaranteed

f you’re savvy when it comes to sex, this Sexpert Sex Quiz will help you show off a little. This game is a great warm-up to a sexy evening, so sharpen up and aim for an A+!

This sex game comes with a range of questions that will make you blush, giggle or get it on. The sexy teacher will take you on a juicy journey to test your knowledge. This carnal classroom asks questions like: Which position burns the most calories? Do women who frequently wear high heels have more intense orgasms? Each player takes a turn to draw a card from the stack. Options include multiple choice, True or False or an open question. Fun, facts (and perhaps a little frolicking) are sure to follow.

Brush up on your erotic expertise and avoid a scolding from the strict school mistress. You could add a bit of extra zing to the game by dressing up. How about sexy school girl, librarian or school head mistress? We’re sure you can find the necessary accessories in your cupboard or if you don’t why not check out our outfits to be found in the lingerie department of our site. We all love a bit of dress up.


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