Romantic Dice

Romantic Dice Game


Three Romantic Dice to spice up your play, they’ll suggest a place, position and accessory! Could you ask for anything more?


Product Description

Romantic Dice Game

Romantic Dice Game for sexy couples. This dice pack contains three dice. You can pay with one, two or all three.

A throw of the dice can change the game and spice up your sex life.

Many of us are looking for ways to spice up our sex life (read our blog on the subject) but with this game it is quick and easy.

One dice tells you where in the house you should be having sex. Have you ever tried the top of the washing machine? On the spin cycle?  Sounds like fun and something different!

The second will suggest a position. For those of you who only ever stick to good old missionary position, just using this dice will make sex a lot hotter.

The third dice is for the very adventurous. It suggests Bondage accessories available from Lola Montez.

You can always add an adult toy and lubricant to your purchase for some extra heat.

Do remember that if you are playing in the bondage arena it is important to start with your limits – hard and soft – in other words what you will and won’t do. Don’t forget to include what you’re not sure about. You think you’d like to try but are still unsure.

Next you HAVE to have safe words. At Lola Montez we recommend using the traffic light – you know what we mean – Green for everything is perfect and I am comfortable with what is happening. Orange for I’m nervous and not sure. This si the space where you are completely outside of your comfort zone. And red means stop. IMMEDIATELY not in a little while.

Trust is important.

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