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Play together back coverPlay Together by Sharon Gordon

Couples who play together – stay together. Owner of Lola Montez, Sharon Gordon finally writes a book about her passion. She has been in the sex toy industry for almost 15 years.

She started Lola Montez, a premier adult toy outlet in South Africa.

This book explores the different toys available in the market today. Where they go and what they do.

This book covers everything from types of toys, materials and what to look out for. She shares her sex toy stories. It is the definitive guide to adult toys.

This book is filled with valuable sex and toy tips including how to introduce toys into your relationship.

This book is currently only available as an ebook. It will be sent to you in electronic format within 24 hours of purchase.

Sharon is a columnist for a National Newspaper, The Saturday Star. Read her blog on She is also a keynote speaker check out her website




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