Pjur Light Lubricant

Pjur Light Lubricant



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Pjur Light Lubricant

Pjur Light LubricantPjur Light Lubricant for if you looking for an inviscid lubricant but cannot do without the excellent gliding properties of silicone? Then this LIGHT, with the lower silicone formula of our top selling pjur ORIGINAL, is just the product for you.

The thinner variant can be applied perceptibly faster and is particularly suitable as a massage product. A higher dose than for pjur ORIGINAL can be used as you see fit, because as a “lighter” variant, it is just not as effective. Otherwise, it combines very well the positive properties of pjur ORIGINAL, because it has a long lasting lubricating effect and leaves a feeling of a silky smooth skin:

Pjur LIGHT Lubricant – the ideal entry-level product for all those in search of an alternative to water-based lubricants. A taste-neutral and odorless glide and massage product for light fun!

Compatible with latex condoms.

  • Lighter formula lubricant and massage preparation
  • Is spread perceptibly faster
  • Long-lasting lubricant

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol.

Lubricant must be one of the most underestimated adult toys in your naughty box. It can be used for so many different sex plays. It is certainly not only for those of us who suffer from dryness. Read our blog on 20 things you didn’t know about sex. 

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