Pjur analyse me anal glide

Pjur Analyse Me Comfort Glide



Product Description


Water-based personal lubricant for comfortable anal sex and compatible with all toys. Enriched with hyaluron that moisturises and provides a pleasant lubricating effect.

  • Special water formula for anal sex
  • Intensive glide-ability thanks to hyaluron
  • For use with all sex toys

DESIGNED FOR ANAL PENETRATION: Pjur Analyse Me Glide Lubricant is specifically designed for anal intercourse, promoting optimal performance!

Our Pjur Analyse Me! GLIDE is the perfect choice for relaxing anal sex. The natural jojoba in this product soothes and moisturizes the skin. The skin becomes soft and smooth, allowing the anal muscle to relax. The silicone provides particularly long-lasting lubrication. Always take anal sex slowly, don’t force it because you don’t want to tear something. The best advise we can give anyone wanting to try anal sex for the first time, it take patience so take it slow and start small. And ALWAYS use lubricant.As you know the anus does not lubricate itself. Read our blog Bend Over Boyfriend for tips

Pjur’s core business ranges from cosmetic to medical products, all based around our core competency of skin care. The pjur group markets products primarily under its own brand name,

“Pjur” – “pjur” (pronounced as the English word “pure”) uses ingredients of the highest possible purity levels and is synonymous with uncompromising premium quality.

All company products have been developed internally and are manufactured 100 per cent in Germany, without exception. Pjur personal lubricants meet the quality standards of the European Union, US and Australian health authorities. Pjur products are currently distributed in approximately 70 countries within diverse market segments.

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