4 Inch Ol' Vibe

Ol’ Vibe 4 Inch


4 Inch Ol’ Vibe has 10 different functions. Don’t forget the batteries 1 x AA


Product Description

Ol’ Vibe 4 Inch

Ol’ Vibe – The cute 4 inch is so simple to use and compact, it’s perfect to throw in your bag or purse for fun on the go! It’s easy to pack for a sexy weekend away or in the drawer next to your bed.

We always love to see compact vibes come into our gorgeous shop because people love them so much! This Ol’ Vibe is only 4 inches so if you prefer clitoris stimulation then this little baby is for you. If you prefer girth than we suggest you look for something a bit bigger.

As one of our most popular items online, mini vibes are a favourite because they are able to harness such an immense amount of power in a small unit. This mini vibrator is a very popular sex toy. Its silicone finish is easy to clean and it packs a punch that is unexpected from such a small vibrator.

With only 2 buttons; 1 for power and 1 to control 10 rhythmic functions, the silicone finished vibe couldn’t be easier to use.

Requires 1 x AA battery. Not included so don’t forget to order them because there is nothing worse than being in the mood and there are no batteries. The children’s toys are always in danger of losing their batteries!

Most adult toys don’t like company so make sure you store them in separate cloths or containers and don’t forget to remove the battery. Batteries tend to leak and can damage the inside workings of your favourite toy.

There is nothing sexy about thinking you are going to play with your adult toy and then it’s no more!


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