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Oh My RabbitOh my Rabbit  “The feeling is so exquisite. What I’ve been waiting for after all his teasing. Oh, the fullness, this feeling…  I groan and arch my back off the table.” 

Key Features Oh My Rabbit:

  • Smooth contoured shape.
  • Ears have been positioned for perfect stimulation during use.
  • Non-intimidating size and a natural shape – perfect for beginners.
  • Gently curved shaft 
  • Smooth, dark navy silicone with contrasting gunmetal detail
  • USB rechargeable
  • Designed for women
  • 100% waterproof
  • Travel lock feature
  • Comes with a satin storage bag
  • Logo etched on the back of the handle 

Oh My Rabbit Vibrator is a very sexy cousin of the Rabbit Clan. A dual stimulator giving dark desire and pleasure to both the G-Spot and the Clitoris. You can play on your own or with your Mr Grey!

Remember when you plan a bondage play you will need safe words. While you’re at it have a look at the Bondage Contract for more ideas.


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