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Product Description

Nipple ChainNipple Chain – with weight     

Tweak your nipples with this Nipple chain, the weighted chain and adjustable nipple clamps for sensational pinching pleasure.

With screw pin crocodile clips that create customised sensation, these clamps are suitable for beginners and experienced nipple clampers alike. Adjust the tension to suit you and enjoy a firm pinch that increases sensitivity and arousal during and after wear.

The extra weight on the nipple chain increases pull and pleasure during wear they ensure you enjoy maximum arousal while clamping, plus they stop your clamps from becoming separated and lost. Nipple clamps for thrilling nipple pinches during intimate play Adjustable clamps offer tailored sensation. PVC coated crocodile clamps offer buffered tweaks. Chain enables tugging or weight play for more intense stimulation. Perfect for beginners and advanced BDSM explorers

Product Specifications:

  • Black nipple clamps with 70g weight on a Y-shaped metal chain.
  • Pressure intensity is adjustable.
  • Chain length approx. 30 cm.
  • Material: metal (chrome-plated).·
  • Weight: 0,16 kg ·
  • Package width: 70 mm ·
  • Package length: 150 mm ·
  • Package height: 40 mm ·
  • Total length: 40 cm ·


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