MOJO Performance Silicone Glide

MOJO Performance Silicone Glide


Product Description

Mojo Performance Silicone Glide

MOJO Performance Silicone Glide is blended with the sexual enhancement extract Peruvian Ginseng to increase stamina.

Maximum lubrication with staying power.  Paraben free, pure vegan and Condom Safe.

Use regularly to achieve desired results.  4oz/120ml

Finally a VEGAN based lubricant especially for men who need a bit of extra stamina. Specially formulated to increase stamina and staying power.

If you have an erection maintenance issue consider using this lubricant with one of our favorite sex toys of all time – a cock ring or penis ring. These rings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, Many are vibrating which adds a bit of extra excitement to your intimate play.

Penis rings come in a variety of price ranges as well. Ranging from cheap and cheerful (usually one use and then throw away), Midrange fun – like the VCR to more substantial rechargeable, multi use cock rings like Je Joue Mio Have a look at our extensive range of sex toys for men.

At Lola Montez we believe that lubricant or lube is the number one adult toy you need in your arsenal. Lube can be used in a variety of different ways in your play.

A lack of lubrication can be caused by a variety of external causes. Yes you may not be turned on but it could be caused by medication, age, depression, hormone imbalance etc.

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