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Massage Candle – Montez Play

Lola Montez Candle – For the most romantic evening, light this sensual massage candle – drip the wax and voila you have a massage oil.

Montez candle manufactured from soy wax so it is warm, not hot. Very – very sexy!

Sexy gift for a wedding, bachelorette party or date night.

When preparing for a sensual erotic massage make sure that everything is prepared beforehand. Get the towels ready, warm the room and make sure your partner is in the mood.

Why not add an extra dimension to your play with feather ticklers or fluffers to touch and caress.

And never forget the Lubricant, Try Pjur Original Bodyglide or Assegai Original

Massage has long been considered one of the best types of Foreplay. Start slow – prepare the room – ensure it is warm enough or cool enough. Have the perfect playlist available, clean towels and a comfortable place with privacy.

We always suggest that you include a sex toy but for extra assistance why not look at a massager wand. Wands are fabulous to use on stiff and painful muscles. They don’t look like adult toys so you can keep them close without hiding them under the green sock under the red jersey on the top self.

This item comes in a variety of different aromas.



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