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Lelo Luna Vagina Beads

Lelo Luna Vagina Beads are designed for PC-muscle fitness, Kegel exercises and internal pleasure. While helping to strengthen PC muscles, these beads will have a fantastic impact on your sex life.

Vagina Balls also known as Benwa Balls are all the rage since Anastasia Steele wore them in 50 Shades of Grey. But they are SO much more than that. Used for thousands of years to tighten vagina muscles. It’s important to exercise your kegel muscles to keep everything snappy – insert at least 4 times a week and about 2 hours a day for the best results.

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These Lelo Brand of  Vagina Beads with internal steel balls are ideal for strengthening those ever so lazy PC muscles. Using them is just like going to the gym. The longer and more often you use them the better they work.

You will also feel very sexy wearing them to work. For strong Kegel muscles and even stronger orgasms use Lelo Luna Vagina Beads!

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