Billy Boy Skyn Latex Free Condoms

Skyn Latex Free Condoms 8 Pack


Product Description

Skyn Latex FreeCondoms.

Extra Studded Latex Free – 8 Pack

Billy Boy Skyn Latex Free Condoms are Latex Free and Extra Studded for extra sensation.  These condoms are SABS approved and used for safe sex. We know that safe sex is imperative. Read our blog on Sexy Safe Sex for more tips on how to protect yourself.

Please take note that you cannot use these condoms if you have an allergy to latex.

When putting a condom on a penis, the penis must be erect. Keep a small space at the top of the condom between the condom and the penis. This will ensure that the semen has somewhere to go after ejaculation and will help ensure that the condom doesn’t burst during sex.

If he says he is too big for a condom – take the condom nd stretch it over your fist – That is how much stretch the average condom has – It is more important to be safe than to be a bit uncomfortable. And it has to be said that there is just something about the smell of condoms that elicits the thought of hotel rooms.

  • Extra Studded
  • Latex Free

These condoms are the first choice for those who suffer from a latex allergy. Latex Free Condoms

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