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kegel8 mother nurtureKEGEL8 MOTHER NUTURE

This Kegel8 is a must-have for mothers-to-be and for those who have already given birth. The device offers a three-step program for pre-conception and for birth recovery that combines the renowned Kegel8 pelvic floor exercises with labour “TENS”.

Healthy pelvic muscles promise increased intimacy for both partners, and better sex. By increasing blood flow, hormones are stimulated, tension relieved and the chances of conception increased.
The Mother Nurture pelvic toner works your muscles in just minutes– and even helps to make the womb a happy and healthy home for a foetus.
Strong pelvic muscles support you during pregnancy, helping to decrease the chances of bladder weakness and giving you extra strength to support your growing baby. During labour, the device works as a portable labour TENS, giving you pain relief that’s drug free.
Electrodes are placed along the spine, blocking pain signals and optimising endorphins (these are the happy hormones that help to ease you into delivery). Once your baby is delivered, the Mother Nature pelvic toner helps to whip those hardworking muscles back into shape.
Once your muscles are toned after birth, you’ll have more confidence to get intimate with your partner. It also helps with bladder weakness, and even speeds up recovery by increasing blood flow to the muscles and tissue. This all-rounder is a real investment. It’s magic on the pelvic muscles and helps you maintain perfect pelvic health.

Recommended for: New Moms, Labour Pain & Pre-Conception

  • Kegel8 Mother Nurture Unit
  • KE Probe
  • Skin Electrodes
  • Remote Boost Button
  • Lead Wires
  • Instruction Manual
  • Your 3-Step Companion for Pre-Conception, Birth & Beyond
  • Combines a Kegel8 Pelvic Floor Exerciser & Labour TENS
  • Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor
  • Aids Recovery After Childbirth
  • Pre-Conception Programme
  • Labour TENS Pain Relief Programme
  • Postnatal Strengthening Programme
  • Postnatal Incontinence Programme
  • Recommended By Doctors


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