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kegel 8 tightKEGEL 8 – TIGHT & TONE

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The Kegel 8 Tight & Tone targets weak pelvic floor muscles by using neuromuscular electrical stimulation, this helps strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor.

The easy-to-use device uses nine programme’s to target a wide range of pelvic health issues.

This pelvic toner does big things when it comes to giving you a boost in and out of the bedroom.
Weak pelvic muscles can lead to lack of sex and intimacy – while strengthening them gives you heaps of confidence. This device is an Electro Muscle Stimulator that features a unique Pelviline probe.
Once the muscles are strengthened, they’ll be able to support the bladder, uterus and bowel more efficiently. This clever gadget goes about work quickly for effective results in a snap. It’s medically registered and tones electronically for maximum results.

Recommended for: All Urinary Incontinence, Light Bladder Weakness, Weak Pelvic Floor, Tighten & Improve Intimate Sensation & New Moms

  • Tight & Tone Controller
  • Lead Wire
  • Instruction Manual
  • 9 x Pre-set & 3 x Customisable Programmes
  • 2 x Pelviline Probes
  • Easy To Use
  • 2 x Channels
  • Registered Medical Device
  • Recommended By Doctors


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