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Jelly Anal Beads



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Jelly Anal Beads

Jelly Anal Beads – As the name indicates these beads are inserted into the anus, yours or his and popped out one at a time at the point of orgasm. As fast or as slow as you like. Surprise him!

Our most popular anal sex toy makes it easy. Want to start small? Just relax, slather on your favorite lube, and ease in the tip of the Jelly Anal Beads as slowly as your comfort level requires! Tease with just the tip of the anal probe, work the head around, or leave it in like a small anal plug!

And when you’re ready, push the Anal Beads in further, one by one, until you’re ready to burst from the pleasure! The Jelly Anal Beads are a great way to achieve amazing prostate stimulation, and to work in fun penetrative anal play, whether you’re having a great time solo or with a partner! Since the string of beads is so long and so satisfying, you’ll be able to make this sex toy a pleasure last!

After the main event, just grasp the easy sturdy retrieval handle and tug slowly to remove your X-10 Anal Beads. The anal beads are firm yet flexible to stimulate your anal passage safely and comfortably!

Cleanup is a breeze ‚ because the Anal Beads are made with unscented, hygienically superior, and durable PVC, you can wash this anal toy as vigorously as you desire! Just use mild soap and water or adult toy cleaner available from Lola Montez. You can even slick on a condom before use for an extra layer of cleanliness! Always wash anal toys before and after you play.

If you’ve talked about anal play with your partner, but they say “you first,” perhaps you should give Anal Beads a whirl, thousands of satisfied customers have!

Remember the golden rule with anal sex – lubricant, patience and lubricant. Ensure that the string is always cleaned with a toy cleaner. And never put anything from the anus into the vagina!

And never forget the Lubricant, Try Pjur Original Bodyglide or Assegai Original

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