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Intimate Organics Melt Lubricant



Product Description

Intimate Organic Melt Lubricant

Intimate Organics Melt Lubricant warms to the touch and blends naturally with a woman’s own fluids.

Intimate Organics is a premium, paraben-free, water and plant derived glycerine based formula containing Cinnamomum. Bark Extract and natural plant derived glycerine. Warms the skin on contact.

Intimate Organics Melt is the best couple play available in a small bottle.

Personal lubricants are specialized lubricants used during human sexual activity to reduce friction between body parts, or between body parts and other objects. They are used during sexual acts such as intercourse and masturbation, to reduce friction to or between the penis and vagina, anus, or other body parts, or applied to sex toys to reduce friction or ease in penetration. Surgical or medical lubricants or gels, which are similar but not usually referred to or labelled as “personal” lubricants, may be used for medical purposes such as speculum insertion or introduction of a catheter.

At Lola Montez we always recommend a lubricant for adult play. Not only is it easy to use on your vibrators and dildos but as a sex toy for women and a sex toys for men you cannot get any better. Adult toys should form part of any couple’s repertoire and should be considered as the perfect wing man. We cannot understand couples who still don’t think that sex toys can add to intimacy.

Please check our our range of sex toys for couples and discuss it with your partner. Why not sign up to our YouTube channel for more choices and ideas.


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