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FingO Tips ®

FingO Tips from Screaming O is small, discreet and Oh so much fun!.

Micro Fingertip Vibe.  Tips micro vibrating massagers literally put pleasure at your fingertips with a comfortable strap to keep it in place! Fun for foreplay or intimate enhancement, This baby is discreet and disposable and the perfect teeny tiny sex toy for couples of all kinds!

• Turn your fingertip into a sex toy

• Comfort-fit for any size

• For fun foreplay or intimate enhancement

• Discreet and disposable Introducing the tiniest tingling mini vibe on the market!

Product Specifications:

  • Weight 68 g
  • Dimensions 25 x 76 x 102 mm
  • Color Blue, Pink, Purple

This very sweet small and discreet vibrator can be kept in your pocket or handbag and makes the best kind of wing man. Use the vibration on all the different part of your body. Nipples, back of the neck and ooh don’t forget the clitoris. It is loads of fun.

This adult toy is smaller than its slightly larger brother which contains a bullet vibrator.

Foreplay is a wonderful part to increase intimacy in your relationship. Try using this one on date night. It is so discreet you can use it in the movies or at dinner.

It is made from jelly – it won’t last for long but while it does – wow.

If you like the vibration you can look at additional sex toys for couples in the Lola Montez. We always suggest a good lubricant for couples to play with.


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