Durex Very cherry lube

Durex Very Cherry Lube



Product Description

Durex Very Cherry Lubricant

Durex Very Cherry Lubricant – The lubricant we all know and love… now with the taste of cherry. Cherry is part of the extended Durex collection of lubricants.

Durex Cherry Lubricant is sweet and smooth. Once you get a taste of this delicious lube, you’ll never look back! Pop this cherry flavoured lubricant in your overnight bag or keep it bedside as a personal treat. Fruity has never been so fun! Play Very Cherry is water based and can be safely used with your sex toys or condoms, no problem.

Other Info

  • Flavoured Lubricant
  • Sugar Free Lubricant
  • Reliable Durex Product

Lubricant is the best intimacy enhancer for sole or couple play. Durex lubricants are condom friendly. To simulate oral sex try Lelo Ora.

Lubricant is the most underestimated adult toy available on the market. It can be used with vibrators and other sex toys. Lube can be used on every part of the body. Flavored lubricants make oral sex more fun but that is not their only function. In many cultures being wet is a taboo but it’s the bodies way of making everything better.

There may be many reasons why the vagina is not lubricating anything from medication to age. If you’re concerned, please see someone.


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