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Doxy Massager



Product Description

Doxy Massager

Since its launch in 2013, The Doxy Massager has become one of the most popular and desired vibrating wand massagers.

Whether using it for muscle massage or personal fulfilment the deep, rumbly vibrations of the Doxy hit the spot like no-other massager. The soft head covering is made from a hypoallergenic non-porous PVC that is free from latex or undesirable phthalates.

The wand massager was first made popular by Hitachi Wand, but in South Africa we have never been able to use them because of the electric requirements – so we were very excited when we could have a version.

The body of the Doxy Massager is 34 cm long, including the head. This does look huge and scares off some faint hearted users but remember it is for external use only and is not inserted.

We guarantee that this vibrator is not just a sex toy it is a massager that can be used for sporting injuries or the best back massage available. It does give a kick ass orgasm.

Product Information

  • The head has a circumference of 19 cm to fit all standard sized wand attachments
  • The power cord is 3.6 meters
  • 9000 Rpm Motor

In case you are confused the Doxy Massager will only work when plugged into the electricity plug. It does not charge. Think of it like your toaster.

This adult toy and vibrator will never go flat (okay maybe you need a different sex toy for Load Shedding) and because it is plugged in it never looses its vooma!

You need to clean this toy carefully – no dishwasher for the Doxy. Wipe it down with a lint free cloth using a toy cleaner like Eva, available at Lola Montez.

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