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BSwish Bfit Classic – Jade

Bswish Bfit Classic Benwa Balls have also been called vagina balls or kegel balls depending on who you’re talking to. Used to tighten your PC muscles for the best exercises you’ll do all year.

Who doesn’t want stronger, more frequent orgasms? Train your pleasure sensitivity with the Bfit Classic love balls: a customizable Kegel workout, complete with four interchangeable free-floating weights, that deliver deeply arousing sensations.

Two easy-to-use harnesses are perfected with an ultra-thin (yet super strong) retrieval cord for maximum comfort and extended wear as you train your pelvic floor. Start with the lighter 28g weights and work your way up to the heavier 38g weight


  • 2 x 28gram weighted balls
  • 2 x 38gram weighted balls
  • Material Silicone, ABS Plastics, TPE
  • Waterproof

Doing kegel exercises is the biggest favour you will do for yourself especially as you get older. Not only do you have more intense orgasms with a tighter vagina but it helps with bladder control. It’s just not sexy when you leak every time you skip, laugh or sneeze!

These balls vagina balls are perfect because it gives you an opportunity to build your strength. Just like going to the gym you start with small weights and work your way up to heavier.

Make sure you clean your benwa balls before and after use. More exercise than sex toy.

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