bswish bfilled basic

BSwish Bfilled Basic



Product Description

BSwish Bfilled Basic

Bswish Bfilled Basic Anal Butt Plug. It may look small and discreet, but this prostate-stimulating plug expertly reaches the p-spot to deliver stronger orgasms without any additional stimulation, and without a motor.
The Bswish Bfilled Basic is carefully designed with a tapered head and narrow neck for maximum wearable comfort, and a properly flared base for secure play. Crafted from 100% body-safe silicone, the silky-smooth texture will guide your deepest pleasures both in solo and partner exploration.


  • Silicone
  • Waterproof

Anal sex toys are becoming increasingly popular with couples. It seems that men are finally recognising that having their prostate massaged is extremely pleasurable. It is also alleged that prostate massage can help prevent prostate cancer.

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Anal sex requires two things – patience and lube. We love Pjur Original Bodyglide a silicone based lubricant that lasts for ages and never goes sticky.

Never stick anything into the anus that doesn’t have a handle or flared base. I hear you asking why?

Because at the point of orgasm the anus sucks! If your sex toy doesn’t have a flared base or handle that butt plug will be sucked up and it means a trip to the emergency room. I promise they won’t believe that you slipped in the shower.

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