Beauments glide silicone lube

Beauments Glide Silicone Lube



Product Description


Beauments Glide Silicone Lube is a silicone-based lubricant that ensures long-lasting lubrication and moisturizing, easy and comfortable use during intercourse, and the body’s natural moisture balance.

The Beauments Glide Silicone Lube is a  lubricant that helps preserve the body’s natural moisture balance and is suitable for use with natural rubber latex condoms and erotic toys (including silicone toys.

WE believe that silicone lubricant is a long lasting lubricant that keeps you wet and wild for a longer play. .

Beauments have a range of couple toys that sold really well at the last Love and Sex Expo. Check out the Beauments Doppio 2.0 . This adult toy along with a lubricant will add a bit of spice to your life!

At Lola Montez we believe that Lubricant – both water based or silicone are the most under estimated adult toy available to you. It’s easy to pop in your bag and there are just so many ways to use it. Think about your hand, elbow and in between your breasts, making the rubbing very very sexy.

Beauments does a whole range of different flavours including strawberry and if flavours are not your thing then try their un-favoured water based lubricant or their silicone based lubricant.

The packaging is discreet and pretty. This bottle will feel very comfortable on your bedside table or the bathroom cabinet. And now I have to add text to make sure that the text is long enough for the SEO required. Why not move to our blog pages and read a couple of interesting articles – and please follow our social media pages – especially YouTube!


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