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Product Description

Be One Finger Vibrator from Fun Factory

Be One Finger Vibrator Fun Factory is a wonderful finger vibrator from the German Sex Toy Manufacturer Fun Factory.

As simple as it is ingenious! Fun Factory Be-One nestles effortlessly between your index and middle finger – without any additional attachments. The Be-One turns your hand into a sex toy…..

Let the BE·ONE rest between your fingers and deliver effortless vibration with every touch!

With two strong motors that bounce vibration off each other, this couples toy heightens every caress. Choose from four speeds and one “randomized” setting that loops every five minutes.

Pro tip: try slipping the BE·ONE between your labia!

Charge time (to full charge) is up to one hour, and that gives you an hour of constant play. But the real plus is the standby life of the battery, you can leave this sitting in the drawer of your bedside table for up to 6months and it will still hold some charge for those moments when you need a little bit more.


Remember when you first started seeing each other, and all you wanted to do was touch each other? How do you recapture that feeling when your brain isn’t flooded with early-relationship bonding hormones? You go back to basics: touch, playfulness, and finding out what makes each other feel good! Use the BE·ONE to explore, play, tease, and more!


The BE.ONE is shaped to fit perfectly between your fingers, so that once it’s in place, you really don’t have to think about it anymore. Except to enjoy what you can do with it.


Once you’ve scrolled through all four speeds, you hit the “flirt” setting—and the FUN really begins. Unlike a traditional pattern, this setting changes in subtle but unpredictable ways, sometimes rumbling more heavily, sometimes easing off a little, and always leaving you wanting more. To keep things interesting, this setting doesn’t loop until after five minutes of teasing.


The BE·ONE is small, but it packs a lot of power! Better yet, the vibrations bounce off of each other, for a feeling that’s more organic than steady vibration from a single motor.

A great travel companion. It is the perfect size to fit discreetly in your toiletries bag or suitcase and like all Fun Factory products it has a travel lock so no embarrassing moments.


Rechargeable – Love the Earth.
Body-safe materials — Love yourself.
Lock function for easy travel
Easy one-button interface
Non-porous and hypoallergenic
1 hour of play per charge
1 hour initial charge
6 months standby battery life


The Be One finger vibrator –

  • Rechargeable in 1-2 hours
  • 4 vibration speeds plus varying random rhythms
  • Made of 100% body friendly materials
  • Waterproof
  • Travel Lock
  • Up to 60 minutes of play
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