Aphrodisia Body mist

Aphrodisia Body Mist



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Aphrodisia Body Mist –  Bijoux Indiscrets

Aphrodisia body mistThe Aphrodisia Body Mist is a hypnotic fragrance, made from a secret formula, that captivates the senses. It’s sexy and sensual.

The fragrance with remind you of dew from the garden of delights combined with the elegance of roses and the lush scents of ylang ylang and jasmine. These fragrances combined are the ideal aphrodisiac.

The packaging screams sexy. Just one squirt will make you feel like the goddess you are.

Content: Alcohol-free body mist perfumed with the exclusive Bijoux Indiscrets fragrance (130 ml).

Lola Montez recommends that everyone has a signature fragrance. You will always be remembered and leave him wishing you were around.

Bijoux has a luxury range of lotions, potions and body decorations.


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