Aneros Tempo anal sex

Aneros Tempo Anal Toy



Product Description

Aneros Tempo Anal Toy

Aneros Tempo Anal Toy is so beautiful you’ll want to put it on the mantel piece.

This Unisex anal stimulator offers strategically placed knobs utilizing the natural rhythms of the inner and outer sphincters. Made from Medical grade stainless steel with a mirrored finish, this item retains both heat and cold – making it the ultimate material for sensual exploration.

Use it by yourself or with a partner, both men and women will love exploring with the Tempo.


  • Product Specs:
  • a) Tip Width: 2.18cm
  • b) Upper Knob: 1.47cm
  • c) Lower Knob: 1.27cm
  • d) Insertable Length: 9.53cm

It is very important to keep your adult toys clean and especially anal sex toys. We recommend covering the prostate massager with a condom to prevent smells from entering the material of the toy. If you are adverse to this make sure that you use an antibacterial soap and after washing use a toy cleaner.

Always store your adult toys in a lint free cloth separately from each other to avoid damage to the silicone. Always remove batteries from the item before storage as batteries can leak and destroy the mechanism. There is nothing worse than planning a play and realising your toy is ruined.

Get your free copy of a Beginners Guide to Prostate Massage by clicking on the link.

This sex toy is made from stainless steel making it the most hygienic anal toy available. Stainless does not absorb any liquids or smells which makes it very easy to clean.

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