AA Alkaline Batteries

AA Alkaline Batteries x 4


AA Alkaline Batteries – x 4

Don’t forget the Batteries, Lubricant or Eva Toy Cleaner

4 AA Alkaline batteries.


Product Description

AA Alkaline Batteries – x 4

4 AA Alkaline batteries. Don’t forget the Batteries, Lubricant or Eva Toy Cleaner

  • 4 AA batteries
  • Ready-to-go power source
  • Delivers long-lasting and reliable power
  • Compatible with a variety of products including flashlights, toys, sex toys, remote controls, and smoke alarms
  • alkaline
  • brand
  • value
Essential for many adult toys. Always have enough. You don’t want to run out on the short strokes! Alkaline batteries are longer lasting. Brand of batteries may differ but you will always get the power you need.
We’ll check that you have ordered the correct batteries for your pleasure object. Whether it’s AA or AAA or N Batteries they are all available at the Lola Montez  or on this website – www.lolamontez.co.za
Some new toys are now rechargeable and will no longer require batteries. If your toy does take an external power source always make sure you take them out when the vibrator is not in use. One the battery leaks and corrodes the mechanism you will have to buy a new adult toy.
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Many adult toys now charge but some like the double vibrating egg still use batteries. Before you store your sex toy make sure that you have cleaned it properly with Eva Toy Cleaner – Available from Lola Montez, and then take the batteries out so you can protect from corrosion.

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