Positions for the Best Oral Sex

Positions for the Best Oral Sex

Positions for the best oral sex!

These positions are perfect for oral sex on us girls!

I’m always writing about how we (the fairer sex) can improve their techniques for their partner’s maximum pleasure. So today we change it around. These positions are perfect for oral sex on us girls!

I’m also going to cheat. There is absolutely no reason to reinvent the wheel so what you are about to read was written by Kaylen Jackson.

Oral sex can get boring for women if she’s always lying down to receive. While oral sex is great in just about every shape or form, you can really heat things up with different oral sex positions. In fact, when your partner is going down on you in a variety of different ways, the same moves and techniques can actually feel totally different. Try these new oral sex positions to make him going down on you a lot more fun!

Standing Up

Guys will often get a blowjob standing up – but because a woman’s genitals don’t “stick out” like a man’s does, a woman doesn’t often get to stand while receiving oral sex. Next time your man goes down on you, suggest that he goes “up” on you instead! Stand over his head and let him come up underneath you to pleasure you with his mouth.

Variation: Prop your leg up on a table or a chair to allow him full and total access to your genitals. He’ll love being able to really see what he’s doing down there!

Down And Dirty Doggy Style

If your guy doesn’t mind being close to your back door entrance – or if he enjoys giving you analingus at the same time he’s going down on you – doggy style is definitely right up your alley. Kneel on all fours just as you would if you and your partner were going to have sex and he’s going to enter you from behind. Instead of penetrating you with his penis, he’ll actually bring his face down there and lick and suck you from behind. Seriously though, if your guy is back door shy, stay away from this one.

Variation: Have him flip over on his back and slide up underneath you, facing your genitals. He can give you oral sex this way, without being so involved with your behind.

More great positions here – tell your friends!

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