Pole Position

Pole Position

Pole Position

I recently took up pole dancing to firm up and get a bit of exercise in my otherwise sedentary life. How hard can it be?

Well was I in for a surprise! First of all I am the oldest in the class. I felt a bit out, not a feeling that I am used to but the Babes (yes we call ourselves Babes) were so friendly that I have settled in quite nicely. They also clap for me when I finally get something right.

You need amazing core strength, muscle strength and coordination to accomplish the ‘simplest’ moves and to invert – that is turning your body upside down whilst you are up in the air on the pole! Well let’s just say that I’m working on it.

My knees, both back and front, have sported the sexiest ‘pole kisses’ – bruises for you lesser mortals! When you have to grip the pole between your legs – get your mind out of the gutter – you realize just how thin that skin between your thighs is. Remember what it felt like when someone gave you a donkey kiss or a Chinese Burn, well it’s worse than that. This you have to do for as long as you can and then on top of that, you are expected to smile and breathe at the same time. No easy feat I can tell you!

After a couple of months I can now do a ‘Barbie’ spin. For those of you who ate at a Thai restaurant in Rosebank will know exactly the position I am talking about.

I am getting stronger every single week. I have learnt to isolate my Lats to protect my shoulders and I’ve learnt how to body wave in the sexiest way.

But why am I talking about pole dancing in a column reserved for sex and relationships? Because doing pole dancing is all about self confidence which impacts on both sex and relationships. Okay maybe the bruises aren’t sexy but they are a reminder of how hard I’ve worked.

When I started in April this year, I was dared by a friend. The instructor thought I’d quit in less than a month and to be fair so did I. I wore the oldest, ugliest track suit pants I could find and a T Shirt that was really only good for cleaning floors. I tied my hair up and swore every time I was expected to do a head roll and making it look sexy left me in hysterics on the floor.

And then the most amazing thing happened, I started to love my pole and the equipment I use on the pole, my body. That’s when I realized that pole dancing, besides being the most strenuous exercise I have done in years, has not only started firming my ass but  is giving it a very sensual wiggle.

I am walking straighter, put my lipstick on every morning and have started to wear dresses. Who knew that I have gorgeous legs. Okay maybe only up to the knees. I have a wasp waist and have painted toe nails and shaved legs in the middle of winter.

Pole dancing as my instructor says, changes something on the inside. It’s not only healthy exercise but kick ass sexy.

I’m writing about pole dancing to encourage you to get out of your tracksuit pants and do something wildly sexy and out of your comfort zone. I now wear shorts and a vest to class. Let it change something on the inside, for yourself, not for anyone else.

Pole dancing has been submitted as a potential sport to qualify for the Olympics, and for those of you who have just sniggered, Pole Dancing is not stripping or the bump and grind you can see at any gentleman’s club. It’s gymnastics on a pole and I guarantee you your mind will be blown away by the strength of the dancers.

Can you hold yourself parallel to the floor and then lift yourself upside down and back again?

Medical aid schemes who offer lifestyle packages do not want to affiliate with pole dancing, so I am losing out on points, which I will gladly do for the best exercise and fun I have had in years. I invite you to just one class and then tell me that it doesn’t tick all the boxes.

For those of you who want to see the best pole dancers in the country compete, you will have the chance to see them a t Sexpo this year. The prize money is R20 000, not much but huge in the Pole Dancing World.

I am going to do for you what my friend did for me in April and dare you to attend one class of Pole Dancing. If you live far away from a studio Lola Montez has an instructional DVD set available.

I dare you to change something on the inside. For a trial class – follow this link – Basic Instincts Dance Studio

For more information about classes, studios or the competition you can email me Sharon@lolamontez.co.za.


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